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UPDATED: Kettle Joe – New 2021 Kamado Joe Grill – Detailed Overview


Kamado Joe Kettle Joe 22-Inch Charcoal Grill will be the newest charcoal grill in the Kamado Joe family come April 2021. This grill is a kettle-style kamado-shaped grill. It retails for $499 and is loaded with many similar features found on the ceramic line of Kamado Joe grills. Many consumers take their first step into charcoal grilling with a Weber Kettle. This grill is meant to directly compete against it.

New Details Confirmed

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

Kettle Grill With Kamado Benefits

From the outside, Kettle Joe is going to look like a true Kamado Joe grill. It takes on a similar shape, color and features. To the untrained eye it very well could be mistaken for a regular ceramic grill.

The Kettle Joe will raise the standard kettle cooking experience by bringing improved heat retention, fuel efficiency and smoking abilities to the table. 

Kettle Joe SloRoller

The number one feature on the Kettle Joe is the SloRoller Smoking Insert accessory. This accessory is a modified version on the one found on Kamado Joe’s current third generation grills. The purpose of the SloRoller is to distribute heat across the cook surface evenly.

Kamado Joe Kettle SloRoller Accessory

The SloRoller also channels smoke in circulating waves forcing it to pass through your food on the way out of the grill. This enhances the flavor.

If you’re still not entirely sure what the SloRoller is, we have a video explaining it which can be watched here. In a nutshell, the SloRoller is the heat diffuser for low-and-slow cooking.

The SloRoller is designed to fit on 22-Inch Weber Kettle Grills. It will be sold as a separate accessory.

*Updated: No WI-FI Control

In the first article we wrote based on the preliminary information about the Kettle Joe, it listed the iKamand as a compatible accessory. We reported this information. New information has said that the iKamand will not be compatible with the Kettle Joe.

This is not to say Kamado Joe will create an adapter to make it fit but it appears the first generation Kettle Joe will not be compatible with the iKamand.

Adjustable Hinged Lid

The Kettle Joe will feature an adjustable hinged lid. Why is this a big deal? On a traditional kettle, your options for the lid are on or off completely. This means you need one hand free to hold the lid or be able to lift on/off.

With the attached lid, this now frees your hands and makes opening/closing the grill much easier.

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Adjustable Hinge

For the SloRoller accessory to fit on the Kettle Joe, the hinge must be raised up to a top position. To do this, there is a locking pin and twist knob on the hinge allowing to unlock and lift the hinge. This is a simple process to convert the grill and lock the hinge in place.

Multi-Piece Ceramic Firebox

Ceramic is known for its heat retention. The Kettle Joe will utilize ceramic firebox pieces. This will help improve fuel efficiency.

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Ceramic Firebox Pieces

The ceramic pieces are easily placed in what appears to be a firebox basket. The basket is designed with grooves to hold the ceramic pieces in place. The bottom of the firebox basket is a stainless steel grate. This style of fire grate is an improved way to get better airflow for more control of the grill temperature.

Divide & Conquer Two-Tier Cooking

The ability to cook on multi levels was not initially reported with the Kettle Joe when the grill was announced. It is now confirmed that this grill will have two-tier cooking capabilities.

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Two Tier Cooking

This is a premium feature on an entry level grill. You will not be able to purchase additional cooking grates when the grill is released. However, it only seems logical that you will be able to in the future.

Will Kamado Joe Classic or Big Joe cooking grates fit on the Kettle Joe? The answer is no. The Kettle Joe is a 22-Inch Grill. The Classic is an 18-Inch grill and the Big Joe is a 24-Inch grill. The lone workaround will be to use a Classic Joe cook surface on top of the included Kettle Joe Stainless Steel Half-Moon Cooking Grate. Since the Classic Joe grate accessories will be smaller, it should fit and work fine.

Other Features

Kettle Joe is loaded with great features. The grill includes the following:

  • Four-Legged Cart With Lower Shelf (great storage option)
  • Folding Metal Side Shelves (space saving)
  • Dome Lid Thermometer (gauge grill temperature)
  • (2) Stainless Steel Half Moon Cooking Grates (22-inch cooking surface)
  • Weatherproof Lid Kontrol Vent (protection from rain)

Release Date

The initial release of the Kettle Joe is currently expected April 2021. From what we’ve been told, it wouldn’t be until later in the month. That is, of course, if things stick to the schedule. Kamado Joe has announced new products in the past with release dates and products did not truly become available until later dates.

This is not a knock on Kamado Joe, just our observation. There are a medley of issues in the manufacturing supply chain for many vendors so launching a new product during a pandemic is not an easy feat to pull off.

What To Expect

Once the Kettle Joe is available, you can certainly expect a great charcoal grill loaded with features at a very introductory price point. It’s exciting and will certainly make many consider going with another full-size grill versus the Joe Jr. Kamado Joe is always innovating and this product is a testament to their advancements in the charcoal grill space.

Pre-Order Kettle Joe

If you’re interested in getting the Kettle Joe, we do have a link where it can be preordered. Just Grillin Outdoor Living will be one of the first retailers in the country to receive the Kettle Joe. Inventory will be limited so we recommend preordering to reserve your unit.

Pre-Order Here:

*Disclaimer: The information used in this post is based on new video, images and descriptions that came from Kamado Joe. We do our best to publish accurate information but cannot verify every detail. We will update the post as new information becomes available. We share this disclaimer to increase transparency of how the information we received was used.