BBQ Butler Black Non-Stick Grill Mat, Set of Two




BBQ Butler Grill Mats are perfect for cooking anywhere. Fantastic for home use and ideal for cookouts in public parks and campgrounds to provide for a clean grilling surface. Use multiple mats, side by side, and expand your cooking area for larger quantities of food.

Rid yourself of glue-like, baked-on BBQ sauce and possible food contamination. Simply use a nonstick grill mat and see how easily food will flip to remain intact and cook beautifully. No need to pry or scrape. Food easily slides off onto serving trays or plates. Cook healthier meals without fats and oils. Food looks better, tastes better and makes cleaning up afterward far easier and less time-consuming.

BBQ Butler Grill mats are reusable time and time again. Almost like a thin, flexible pan, they are made from fiberglass fabric coated PTFE (the same material as Teflon®).

To clean and reuse, simply wash on the top rack of the dishwasher or wipe clean with a damp cloth. Grill mats will not retain or transfer tastes or odors between uses.

BBQ Butler Black Grill Mats are also ideal for baking. Slide those warm home-baked chocolate chip cookies right off of our grill topper and on to your plate. Non-stick and no worry for oven roasting or frying, too. Tackle veggies, shrimp, pizza, kebabs, wings, bacon, fish, eggs or any item that would tickle your fancy. With these BBQ grill mats, delicate foods are safe from falling apart and slipping through traditional grill grates.

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BBQ Butler

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