• 2 cedar planks
  • 8 oz. fresh salmon
  • vegetable oil
  • seafood rub


  1. Soak your cedar grilling plank in water. An hour or two prior to grilling will work just fine, but a longer soak time permits the plank to absorb more moisture. This allows for more cedar-infused water vapor to be released during the grilling process.
  2. Get your grill up to medium heat, 350 degrees. Place the wet plank on the pre-heated grill and heat plank for another 5 minutes before adding the fish. This allows the plank to begin to smoke.
  3. Place your seasoned salmon on the plank and close grill lid, let cook for recommended time. The average fillet takes between 14-18 minutes, depending on thickness. No flipping, turning, or tweaking is needed. Once cooked, remove from the grill and enjoy!

Directions for Reduction: – Macerate berries until juicy and then add vinegar. Let the berry juice and pulp meld with vinegar for up to an hour. – Pour blueberry and vinegar mixture through cheesecloth or very fine strainer to remove pulp and seeds. Bring strained blueberry vinegar to a simmer, whisking constantly.

Reduce vinegar down until desired viscosity- I like it pretty syrupy. Mix in fresh blueberries and top salmon with your hot Blueberry Balsamic Reduction!