Custom Kamado Joe Outdoor Kitchen In Tampa - Tampa, FL - Just Grillin

The Just Grillin Outdoor Living team designed and built this outdoor kitchen in Tampa. This outdoor kitchen features encapsulated polymer outdoor cabinetry and a premium ceramic charcoal grill.

This outdoor kitchen was built underneath an existing patio. The base of the kitchen is an encapsulated polymer material that is 100% weatherproof and does not warp, fade or crack. It’s meant to mimic a real wood look but stand up to the harsh outdoor elements. The goal of this kitchen was to create a better workstation for the single grill. Two must haves for the client were a sink and trash bin.

The space our team worked with was a very small patio so the design our team had was precise to allow all of the elements the client wanted to fit. The grill a premium ceramic grill is from Kamado Joe.

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