Custom Outdoor Kitchen In Land O' Lakes - Just Grillin Outdoor Living

Working within a small space is something the Just Grillin Outdoor Living team excels at. This simple outdoor kitchen nestles into a small area on the patio but is loaded with great features.

Our team was hired to design and build an outdoor kitchen that fit into the space where you see the outdoor kitchen in these pictures. This kitchen features a mid-size 32″ Artisan Grill, vent hood, two lower storage cabinets and a sink. The vent hood features a custom shroud built by Just Grillin Outdoor Living to fully extend to the patio roof.

The cabinet base of this outdoor kitchen is a stucco finish that matches and blends in seamlessly with the home. This kitchen also features a nice granite counter and three-sided backsplash which makes any cleanup easy.

Do you have an outdoor space similar to this? The Just Grillin Outdoor Living team can help transform it into a quality outdoor kitchen.

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