Custom Outdoor Kitchen With Gas & Pellet Grill In Tampa - Tampa, FL - Just Grillin

The Just Grillin Outdoor Living team was hired to design and build an outdoor kitchen fit for serious cooking and entertaining. The space for the outdoor kitchen was existing and needed to fit underneath the patios covered roof extension area.

This outdoor kitchen in Tampa, Florida features top-of-the-line appliances while boasting a lot of great features. Gas and charcoal grills are traditionally the most popular dual fuel option in outdoor kitchens but this kitchen features a gas grill and pellet grill. This is becoming a popular trend as pellet grills gain more popularity. With two fuel options, there is no shortage of cook space but there is also plenty of counter space to go with it. On the backside of the kitchen is a bar stool seating area allowing others to gather around the kitchen or take a pool break to snack and eat.

A kegerator is almost a must when you want an outdoor kitchen built for entertaining and this kitchen features a dual-keg tap for easy pouring and multiple beer options. There is also a regular refrigerator for canned and bottled beverages.

This outdoor kitchen features one of Just Grillin Outdoor Living’s premium kitchen frames with a stone finish. The craftsmanship that went into the stonework on this kitchen is something our team is very proud of.

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