Custom Outdoor Kitchen With Outdoor Lighting In Tampa - Just Grillin Outdoor Living

The Just Grillin Outdoor Living team was hired to design and build an outdoor kitchen that was modern and would complement the patio and interior of the home. This outdoor kitchen is nestled underneath the covered portion of a second floor balcony.

This outdoor kitchen in Tampa, Florida features premium outdoor cabinetry and outdoor lighting. The cabinet base of the outdoor kitchen is a weatherproof cabinet that will not warp, fade or crack. It’s designed to thrive in harsh outdoor environments like Florida. Perfectly mounted and positioned on each side of the kitchen is an outdoor light that lights up and accents the modernity of the kitchen.

Other features include the premium granite countertop, granite grill backsplash, sink and the ventilation hood designed to keep the kitchen area free of smoke and other BBQ contaminants when in use.

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