Custom Outdoor Kitchen With Stone Accent Wall in Lithia - Just Grillin Outdoor Living

The Just Grillin Outdoor Living team was hired to design and build an outdoor kitchen in conjunction with a full outdoor patio renovation. The area where the outdoor kitchen is was a blank canvas to start. This project was completed in the Lithia, Florida area.

The design and layout of this outdoor kitchen is conducive for the natural flow of the patio to freely move around with ease for the clients’ and the their guests. This storage and prep space was important for entertaining and keeping the outdoor kitchen area tidy. The stone accent wall helps blend with the decking and architecture of the home for a clean, consistent feel from front yard to backyard.

The kitchen is lite on appliances featuring a Coyote Outdoor Living pellet grill. This grill is versatile in its cooking capabilities which allows you to slim down on the cooking appliances needed when designing and building an outdoor kitchen. There is also an outdoor refrigerator from Zephyr.

The stone accent wall adds a stunning element to the outdoor patio. The client plans to add a large TV in the center of the wall to complete their outdoor kitchen space.

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