DCS Grill Replacement, Kegerator Addition and Sink Replacment in South Tampa - Tampa, FL - Just Grillin

The Just Grillin Outdoor Living team added new life to this existing outdoor kitchen by replacing an old gas grill with this DCS Series 9 Gas Grill, adding a space for a kegerator and replacing the outdoor sink. The clients inherited this kitchen at their home and wanted to add select new items to make it functional again.

Our team seamlessly removed the existing grill and added this DCS Gas Grill in its place. We also added a new set of double doors beneath the grill head. In place of an outdoor refrigerator, we moved a kegerator into this spot. To retro fit the area, our high skilled team had to cut and modify the cabinet to fit the area. We then had to cut the granite to fit the dual tap. The beer dispenser is made by U-Line and comes in a single or dual tap.

Lastly, we replaced the sink with a new outdoor-rated sink and faucet.

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