Extended Linear Outdoor Kitchen In South Tampa - Just Grillin Outdoor Living

This client had a large roof extension that they wanted to fit a larger kitchen in without taking up all the covered space. Just Grillin designed and built this kitchen along a patio wall from the back door to the edge of the roof extension. We added a compact island across from the kitchen for extra storage and gathering space. The kitchen base is constructed from an encapsulated polymer cabinet that won’t crack, warp or fade outdoors. We helped the client with a cabinet color that complemented their existing patio stone. The client also picked a granite counter to complement their existing patio very well. We added a vent hood to keep the area free of smoke and BBQ contaminants. This kitchen features premium appliances from Alfresco Grills, Zephry Ventilation, DCS Grills, Big Green Egg and encapsulate polymer cabinets that Just Grillin offers.

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