Outdoor Kitchen & Cabinets in Lutz - Tampa, FL - Just Grillin

The focus on this kitchen starts with the main tool and that’s the grill. The Alfresco Grill is a versatile machine that allows you to cook a wide variety of foods easily. Our team designed and built this outdoor kitchen around the grill. The base of the kitchen and custom wrapping above the grill are made from an encapsulated polymer cabinet. What’s great about these cabinets is that they will hold up extremely well in the Florida elements. The style (louver) and color of the cabinets tie in with the patio color scheme helping make this kitchen appear as a natural extension of the home. The backsplash is a unique mosaic tile design that accents the kitchen and space very well.

Above the kitchen, there is a recessed pad for a TV which saves space and helps put the TV in a centralized spot. The vent hood is an insert from Zephyr Ventilation. This will help keep the grill area free of BBQ contaminants while cooking. This kitchen also features an outdoor sink, two styles of door/drawer combo cabinets and a double door sink cabinet. The granite counter also has a nice rounded edge.

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