Outdoor Kitchen and Fire Pit in Maderia Beach - Just Grillin Outdoor Living

Our team was hired to build an entirely new outdoor kitchen and help finish a custom gas fire pit. The caveat with the outdoor kitchen was that the design had to incorporate two existing grills.

Even though the existing grills are not typically meant to be built into kitchens, our team created a beautiful design to pull the outdoor kitchen together. This kitchen is in a harsh saltwater environment. The base of the kitchen is made from encapsulated polymer cabinets that we offer. They are weatherproof and do well in saltwater environments.

There is plenty of prep space on the leathered granite countertop. The kitchen features a built-in Kamado Joe Joe Jr. and Weber Spirit Gas Grill. There are also cabinet doors and drawers for extra storage space.

Our crews job on the fire pit was to retro fit the shell to work. Our team had to build a custom mount to raise the burner up to where you see it in pictures. We added a very nice colorful mix of fire pit glass rocks to make the fire pit pop.

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