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The Ultimate Overview Of The New Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill

Portable grills are nothing new to Weber. In 2004 Weber launched the first Q Series grill which has now expanded into seven models and, according to Weber, is their most popular grill line globally.

New for 2021 Weber introduces the Traveler LP Gas Grill. This grill is not part of the Q Series but builds upon many of the great features Weber fans love about the Q Series Grills that have made them popular globally.

Designed For Portability

Weber Traveler Gas Grill

The main feature of the Weber Q Series Grills that have made them popular is the ability to easily take it with you on the go. However, the design of the Q Series Grills isn’t optimal for space saving when packing and you have to pack multiple items (grill & cart) separately.

The Weber Traveler Gas Grill comes on a fold-down cart and the lid is not nearly as tall as the Q Series Grills. The cart folds very flat and is easy to load/unload. Weber has not specified the exact weight of the unit yet but the packaged weight is listed at 63 lbs. The unit will not weigh that much unboxed so this grill will be manageable for most people to lift to pack.

Weber Traveler Gas Grill Open and Close Lever

Setting up will be very easy and only requires one hand. While the grill is folded flat, you will place one foot on the stationary leg side with the black handle and can use one hand to grab underneath, press the unlock button and lift up on the side shelf raising the grill up to lock in place.

Folding down is even easier. Place your foot on the same leg when opening, press the unlock button, remove you foot and let go. The grill will slowly collapse and fold down by itself.

You can lock the grill in place when it’s folded down. It has side handles on both sides for easy lifting and carrying. The grill is slightly less than 44″ wide, folded or standing.

Weber Traveler Gas Grill Wheels

The wheels on the cart are rugged and rubberized. The material is very durable and design makes it easy to pull across different terrain. These wheels are a much nicer upgrade over the Q Series Cart Wheels.

Packs Serious Performance

The Weber Traveler Gas Grill uses a single stainless steel burner that produces up to 13,000 BTU’s-per-hour. That’s stronger than any burner in the Q Series Line.

Weber Traveler Gas Grill Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Grate

Pair that burner with the 320 sq. in. porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate and you have strong performance for cooking and cooking large meals.

Weber Traveler Gas Grill Cooking Space

This grill has enough space to fit 15 hamburgers or 20 sausages. It has the power to sear steaks or cook at low temperature. The front Infinite Control Burner Knob makes temperature control easy.

The grill uses a push-button ignition system that makes lighting as easy as pushing a button.

Stays Looking Good

With very minimal effort, the Weber Traveler Gas Grill will look good for a long time. The porcelain-enameled steel lid is resistant to scratches and holds up well over time. This is the same material used on the Genesis line of grills.

Weber Traveler Gas Grill Removable Grease Pan

The removable grease tray makes clean up a breeze when you’re reading to pack it in for wherever your travels have taken you. Pull out the tray and replace the foil liner with a fresh, clean one when needed.

Thoughtful Features

The Weber Traveler Gas Grill has a single, right-side shelf that is large enough to do some prep work or house a tray while adding/removing food from the grill.

Weber Traveler Gas Grill Tool Hooks

There are also three tool hooks on the front of the grill for convenience and extra storage. This allows you to keep the side table free of tools.

The grill has a built-in lid thermometer helping you gauge the inside temperature of the grill. This lid thermometer is most likely one of the more accurate readings, of any grill, because the lid is not as tall so it is reading much closer to the grate level.

The grill uses 16 oz. disposable LP cylinders. This is nice because it saves packing space and makes packing up easy. Hauling a 20 lbs LP tank is not fun. The grill is also designed to be fuel efficient helping make these disposable tanks stretch further than other grills using the same tank.


The warranty on the Weber Traveler Gas Grill will be as follows:

  • 5 Years – Cookbox: no rust-through/burn-through
  • 5 Years – Lid assembly: no rust-through/burn-through
  • 3 Years – Stainless steel burner tube: no rust-through/burn-through
  • 3 Years – Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates: no rust-through/burn-through
  • 2 Years – All remaining parts

Interested In The Weber Traveler?

There’s plenty to love about the new Weber Traveler LP Gas Grill. If you have further questions about the grill, contact us here to let one of our professional grilling experts help you.

The Weber Traveler LP Gas Grill retails for a budget-friendly price of $299. You can purchase the Weber Traveler LP Gas Grill here.