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Fireboard 2 Thermometer Overview – What Are The Differences Between The Base, Drive and Pro Models?

Fireboard Thermometers are cloud-connected digital thermometers that are loaded with great features to make cooking easy. In 2020, Fireboard released their second edition units, the Fireboard 2 and Fireboard 2 Drive.

New for 2021, Fireboard Labs has released a third model in the line: the Fireboard 2 PRO. Most of the features are the same on the three models but there are a few key differences that you need to know when deciding which model is best for you.

In this article we’ll detail the main features and key differences between the three models: The Fireboard 2, Fireboard 2 Drive and Fireboard 2 PRO.

What Is The Fireboard 2 Thermometer Line?

Fireboard 2 Thermometer

The Fireboard 2 Thermometer is a cloud-connected digital thermometer. It features a large, LCD Screen that can show data for up to six probes at one time. This thermometer comes in a weather resistant case. You can connect this product via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if you’re wanting to use the Fireboard App on Android, iOS or the Web.

Every Fireboard 2 Thermometer comes with an auxiliary port that allows you to connect additional hardware linking a fan to the thermometer giving you temperature control of your smoker. This auxiliary port will be one of the differences we touch on further down in this article.

With the Fireboard 2 you can setup custom cook programs and alerts that will come to you via push notification, SMS or email. The accuracy of these units probe readings is rated to within 7/10th’s of a degree Fahrenheit. The units will run for 24 hours on a full charge. The battery is a Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

The Fireboard 2 Thermometers will store your cooking history data on the physical unit to review or Fireboard Cloud account. You are able to download your data to share, single cook or all of your cooks. You can pair the units with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to check temperatures too.

What Are The Three Fireboard 2 Models?

Fireboard 2 Thermometer Lineup

Fireboard 2

The Fireboard 2 is the base model in the Fireboard Thermometer line. This unit has the same features and capabilities as the Fireboard 2 Drive model except for the ability to directly plug a fan into the unit. You can get up to six channels/probes. This unit uses Thermistor type probes. The base model is best for someone wanting a quality multi-channel digital thermometer but is undecided/has no use for the direct fan capability.

Fireboard 2 Drive

The Fireboard 2 Drive builds upon the Fireboard 2 by including direct plug access for a smoker fan on the side of the unit. You can get up to six channels/probes. This unit uses Thermistor type probes. This model is best for someone that plans to use a fan to control airflow in their smoker.

Fireboard 2 Pro

The Fireboard 2 Pro is the top-of-the-line digital thermometer. This unit uses professional Type K Thermocouples to read and measure temperatures versus Thermistor probes on the other two models. This model is best for someone that wants the fastest, most accurate readings and to use in high heat settings like pizza ovens.

So What Are The Differences Between Models?

Fan Control

All Fireboard 2 units are able to be used with a fan but how you connect the fan is different. The base model, Fireboard 2, does not have a direct fan port access like the Fireboard 2 Drive and Fireboard 2 Pro does.

Fireboard 2 Thermometer Drive Capability

To use a fan with the base model, the Fireboard 2, you will need to purchase an item known as the Drive Fan Control Cable. It will plug into the lone auxiliary port on the right hand side. This cable costs $79 – $89 (speaker version). Doing this will cost you an extra $20 – $30 in the long run versus buying the Fireboard 2 Drive or Fireboard 2 Pro from the get-go.

Type Of Probes & Total Probe Ports

The Fireboard 2 and Fireboard 2 Drive use Thermistor-type probes. The Fireboard 2 Pro uses Type K Thermocouples. So what’s the difference?

Thermistor probes are rated up to 572°F. The Thermocouple probes are rated up 1400°F. This means you can use them in pizza ovens and extremely high heat cooking without risking damage to the probe.

Fireboard 2 Thermometer Probe Types

Thermocouple probes will return readings faster and are said to be more accurate than thermistor probes.

However, if having more than three probe ports is important to you the Fireboard 2 Pro cannot accommodate more than three ports.

Which Model Fireboard Should I Get?

Deciding which Fireboard 2 model to pick really comes down to deciding on the two key differences between models. The features and experience with the LCD Screen and the Fireboard App will be consistent across the board on all units which make narrowing down your choice easy.

If you have further questions about these units, please feel free to reach out to us here. You can browse all Fireboard Labs products in our online store here.