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What’s The Best Weber Genesis for 2022?

Finding the best Weber Genesis model for 2022 is not necessarily a hard task. However, it can be confusing which is why we put this article and video together. The simple and easy answer would be to tell you the Genesis SPX-435 is the best model. It has the most features and is the largest grill in the Genesis lineup for 2022. That clearly makes it the best.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the best model for everyone reading this. In this article we’ll dissect key features that differentiate between the 15 models in the 2022 Genesis line which will allow you to answer the question: what’s the best Weber Genesis for 2022? At the bottom of this article we will provide three recommendations of models that the team at Just Grillin Outdoor Living prefers in the 2022 lineup.

Genesis 2022 Lineup Overview

Weber Genesis Lineup 2022
All 15 Models In The 2022 Weber Genesis Lineup. Color Options Not Shown.

Weber expanded the number of grills offered in the Genesis line for 2022 to 15 models. This is three more models available to choose from than in 2021. Weber also totally redesigned the appearance of the Genesis grills while adding new features never before offered. The bulk of the Genesis line consists of three burner grills (12/15 models) while there are only three four-burner grills available.

The graphic above shows all 15 models with the exception of the color options which we will cover later in this article. The ‘E’ models stand for enameled, ‘S’ for stainless, ‘SP’ and ‘SI’ for special edition, ‘EX’ and ‘SX’ for smart grills and ‘EPX’ and ‘SPX’ for premium smart grills.

What’s New For 2022?

Body Style

Weber redesigned the entire appearance of the Weber Genesis for 2022. This new design is more sleek with cleaner, distinct lines than previous years models designs. The new body design comes with three new updates: cabinet doors, larger side shelves and a taller hood.

Weber has done away with open cart models in the Genesis lineup. For 2022 all grills will come with lower cabinet doors. With this change, Weber moved the LP tank connection inside the cabinet versus outside on previous models. The transition to all models with cabinet doors has slowly been in the works as Weber has offered less open cart models over the years leading up to 2022.

Weber Side Shelf Foil Pans
Two Large Restaurant Sized Foil Pans On Right Side Shelf

Prep space and the ability to hold pans and accessories has been a request Weber has gotten a lot over the years. You can see in the picture above that Weber designed an extra large right side shelf that can hold large trays or a large tray and some tools. The left side shelf is the same depth but roughly 3.5″ narrower. Both shelves are great sizes. We recommend seeing a grill in person as this new feature update should impress you.

The taller hood design is to better accommodate the rotisserie accessory. This allows the spit to sit higher above the burners which means you can fit a larger bird or cut of meat without worry it might be blocked from spinning.

Crafted System

The Weber Crafted System is a new take on the Gourmet BBQ System. The Crafted System allows you to do more with your Genesis Grill using a wide variety of new cooking accessories that fit in the grill using a specially designed frame kit. This frame kit comes with select models or can be purchased separately after the fact. All Genesis grills 2016 and newer are able to use the Crafted System.

Weber Crafted System Accessories
List of Weber Crafted Accessories. Availability Subject To Change At Weber’s Discretion.

The pictured accessories do not come included with the grills. Each accessory can be purchased separately based on your cooking interests. Weber is introducing a carbon steel flat top, dual-sided sear grate, glazed baking stone, roasting basket, rotisserie skewers and a rotisserie basket.

Sear Zone

Weber has made the Sear Zone burner they introduced in previous years a standard feature for 2022. The Sear Zone is an additional 12,000 BTU burner sandwiched between the two burners closest to the right side of the grill head. This allows for extra heat to give steaks a high-quality crust.

Genesis Sear Zone Grill Marks
Genesis Sear Zone Grill Marks on Ribeyes
Handle Light

Weber has offered select models with handle lights in previous years but this feature is totally redesigned this year. Rather than attaching to the outside of the lid handle, the light is integrated inside the Genesis grill handle to shine down on the cook surface when grilling at night.

Weber Grill Handle Lighting
(Left) Push Button Activates Handle Light. (Right) Lighting System At Night.

The button is activated with the push of a button. The lights are motion activated. The lights will turn on and off when opening and closing the lid.

Expanded Warming Rack

The warming rack can be an afterthought for many consumers. It’s typically a smaller grate area that isn’t highlighted or talked about very much. Warming racks are kind of just standard features that really only vary by the style of the grate. Weber has redesigned theirs to increase the capacity and potential cooking space in the grill.

Weber Genesis Fold Out Warming Rack
Weber Genesis Fold-Out Warming Rack

The new warming rack folds out to double the amount of space up top to prepare dishes. When you don’t need the full rack, it folds together to be used as a single rack. It also can fold flat up against the back wall when not in use for space saving that doesn’t require storing the rack separate of the grill.

How To Pick The Best Weber Genesis For You

Now that we have outlined the new grill design and features for the Weber Genesis 2022 models it’s time to guide you through the different features. To make things easier, we’ll quickly list out the features that you need to pay attention to and the features you don’t need to worry about when choosing a model. After that we’ll dive deeper into each differentiating feature.

What To Pay Attention To
  • Cooking Grates
  • Weber Crafted System
  • Additional Side Storage Cabinet
  • Weber Connect Technology
  • Grill Size
  • Side Burner
  • Interior Grill Lighting
  • Lighted Control Knobs
  • Color of Grill Body
  • Smoker Box
What Not To Pay Attention To
  • Burner Type
  • Flavorizer Bars
  • Sear Zone
  • Double Door Grill Cabinet
  • Expanded Top Warming Rack
  • Locking Caster Wheels

The reason you don’t need to pay attention to the list of items mentioned above is simple: all of those features are standard on every Genesis grill in the 2022 lineup. Now it’s time to dive into different features.

Smart Grills

Weber introduced Smart Grills into their Genesis lineup in 2021 with three models. Weber has doubled down on the category with six Smart Grill models for 2022. The term “smart grill’ refers to the grill connecting with your mobile phone or tablet via WiFi or Bluetooth to monitor food and grill temperatures via an app.

Smart Grills come with onboard Weber Connect Technology built into the grill. Weber Connect is a digital thermometer that monitors temperatures via probes that you can monitor and get alerts through the Weber Connect app. Rather than purchasing this as a separate device, you get the system built into the grill. The ambient probe is built into the grill so you should only need probes for tracking food doneness.

Weber Genesis Smart Grill Lineup 2022
Weber Genesis Smart Grill Lineup 2022

The Weber Connect app is free for Apple and Android users. It does much more than monitor grill and food temperatures. It can also walk you through a recipe step-by-step providing you with clear directions of when to flip and pull food for the perfect doneness. This is a feature our team likes particularly if you’re learning to grill or need some help. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Between these six models, there is a handful of differences. These are not official terms but there are the base models, upgraded models and premium models within the Smart Grill lineup. Five of the six models are three-burner grills and there is one four-burner grill. Below you will find the differences.

Base Models

EX-325s & SX-325s

The EX-325s and SX-325s is where you will start if you’re looking for a Genesis Smart Grill without as many bells and whistles as other models. These models will be the equivalent of the Genesis E-325s and S-325s minus the Weber Connect Tech. With these two Smart Grill models, you get the Weber Connect Technology built into the grill.

Upgraded Models

EX-335 & SX-335

Moving up to the next models in the Smart Grill lineup are the the EX-335 and SX-335. The equivalent of these models with the exception of the Weber Connect Tech will be the E-335 and S-335. Beyond having the Weber Connect Tech built into the grill, you are now gaining a side burner, Weber Crafted Frame Kit and an extra side storage cabinet with these two models.

Premium Models

EPX-335 & SX-435

These two models, EPX-335 and SPX-435, will somewhat be the mac daddy’s in the entire Genesis lineup. With these grills, you get all of the features we’ve mentioned up to this point and two more. The two additional features are the grill handle light and lighted control knobs.

Weber Genesis Lighted Control Knobs
Weber Genesis Premium Smart Grill Lighted Control Knobs

If you like the Weber Connect feature of the Smart Grills you will want to key in on these particular models. However, you can’t rule out the Smart Grills entirely if you absolutely want the lighted control knobs as a feature. The two premium models, EPX-335 and SPX-435, are the only two Genesis grills that will have lighted control knobs in the entire lineup.

Special Edition Grills

Special Edition Grills are separate from Smart Grills and not as well advertised as the rest of the Genesis lineup. These are also models you won’t find in big box stores. Weber designed these grills for their independent retailers. For 2022, there are three Special Edition models.

Weber Special Edition Grill Lineup 2022
Weber Special Edition Grill Lineup 2022

The three models are: SP-E-325s, SI-E-330 and SP-E-335. The two models with ‘SP’ in the title both feature 9mm stainless steel cooking grates and the integrated handle light. The model labeled ‘SI’ is a little different as it does not come with the premium 9mm stainless steel grates or handle light.

The difference between the SP-E-325s and SP-E-335 is the latter includes a side burner, extra side storage cabinet and Weber Crafted Frame Kit.

The SI-E-330 differs from both of these models by coming with porcelain-enameled cast iron grates, no side burner and no handle light. However, this model does come with the extra side storage cabinet, Weber Crafted Frame Kit and an integrated smoker box. This is the only grill in the Genesis lineup with a smoker box included.

The 9mm stainless steel grates are very thick and the most durable grates in the entire lineup. We suggest going to see them at your local Weber retailer to feel the quality of the grates.

Cooking Grates

Weber offers three types of cooking grates: porcelain-enameled cast iron, 7mm stainless steel and 9mm stainless steel. This feature is usually the most important to narrow down your list of models to consider.

Weber Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Grates
Weber Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Grates
Weber Genesis 7mm and 9mm Stainless Steel Grates
Weber Genesis 7mm and 9mm Stainless Steel Grates
Models with Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Grates
  • E-325s
  • SI-E-330 (Special Edition)
  • E-335
  • E-435
  • EX-325s
  • EX-335
  • EPX-335
Models with 7mm Stainless Steel Grates
  • S-325s
  • S-335
  • S-435
  • SX-325s
  • SX-335
  • SPX-435
Models with 9mm Stainless Steel Grates
  • SP-E-325s (Special Edition)
  • SP-E-335 (Special Edition)

If you review the above list of grills with each specific grate type, you can identify a pattern that will help you easily remember which grates come with each model. All stainless body grills come with 7mm stainless steel grates. Most black enameled body grills come with the porcelain-enameled cast iron with the exception of some of the Special Edition models.

Weber Crafted System & Extra Side Storage Cabinet

We touched on the Crafted System earlier in this article so we won’t go into more depth about what the system is in this particular section. What’s important to know are the models that come with the Crafted Frame Kit included. While the extra side storage cabinet is not a Crafted-branded accessory, it is related to the Crafted System. The cabinet is designed to store Crafted accessories.

You cannot purchase the extra side storage as an add-on later. This is a decision you have to make before purchasing a Genesis Grill. If you do not care about the having the Crafted System but want the extra side storage cabinet, you will have to purchase a model that comes with the Crafted Frame Kit.

Models with the Weber Crafted Frame Kit and Extra Side Storage Cabinet
  • SI-E-330 (Special Edition)
  • E-335
  • S-335
  • SP-E-335 (Special Edition)
  • E-435
  • S-435
  • EX-435
  • SX-435
  • EPX-335
  • SPX-435

Two-thirds of the Genesis models (10/15) listed above come with the mentioned features included. Do not confuse having to make a decision on the extra side storage cabinet before purchasing a model with doing the same on the Crafted Frame Kit. You can purchase the frame kit separately. It is only the extra side storage cabinet that is not sold separately.

Side Burner

The side burner is a 12,000 BTU burner great at preparing small side dishes and heating small pots of sauce. While the strength of the side burner has not changed over the years, Weber did move it from the right side shelf to the left side shelf for 2022.

Weber Genesis Side Burner Lineup 2022
Weber Genesis Side Burner Lineup 2022

Grill Colors

The Genesis lineup is predominantly available in the black enameled body style or stainless. Weber does offer two additional colors: Copper and Deep Ocean Blue. However, these two colors are only available on a small amount of specific models.

Models Available in Copper
Models Available in Deep Ocean Blue

If you prefer these colors then you are simply choosing from a list of three models maximum. The features of each respective model are the same whether the color is black enameled or one of the options above. The only difference would be the colored hood and doors.

Grill Lighting

Genesis grills do not come with interior lighting built into the grill. Weber in previous years has offered a grill handle light with select models that attached to the outside handle. We explained earlier in this article that Weber redesigned this feature for 2022. The way this features has been redesigned truly separates the models that come with the handle light versus the ones that do not.

With the integrated grill lights inside the handle, this is not a an accessory/feature that you can purchase after the fact. You can purchase a handle light that attaches to the outside of the handle. Weber does not sell the new integrated handle light separately.

Models With Integrated Grill Handle Light
  • SP-E-325s (Special Edition)
  • SP-E-335 (Special Edition)
  • EPX-335 (Also Has Lighted Control Knobs)
  • SPX-435 (Also Has Lighted Control Knobs)

Grill Size

Weber offers Genesis Grills in two sizes: three burner and four burner. The majority of the Genesis line is available in three-burner grills. There are only three four-burner grills in the Genesis lineup for 2022. This does make it easy to focus and pick a model if you’re interested in a four-burner grill only.

Three Burner Models
  • E-325s
  • S-325s
  • SP-E-325s (Special Edition)
  • SI-E-330 (Special Edition)
  • E-335
  • S-335
  • SP-E-335 (Special Edition)
  • EX-325s
  • SX-325s
  • EX-335
  • SX-335
  • EPX-335
Four Burner Models

Just Grillin Outdoor Living’s Recommended Models

Our Experts Top Pick

Genesis SP-E-335 Gas Grill
Weber Genesis SP E 335 Special Edition

Why We Like This Model: When you look at all of the features available on Genesis grills for 2022, the Genesis SP-E-335 gas grill checks off pretty much every box possible. This model comes with the premium 9mm stainless steel cooking grates, integrated handle light, Crafted Frame Kit, extra side storage cabinet and side burner. Factor in those features and the price point of this grill compared to the rest of the Genesis lineup, it’s our experts top pick. We like this model for a well-seasoned griller that plans to use all of the features and purchase additional accessories to unlock the versatility of this grill.

Option #2

Genesis SP-E-325 Gas Grill
Weber Genesis SP E 325s Gas Grill

Why We Like This Model: The Genesis SP-E-325s is another great option that our team likes for the upgraded features and the price category this model falls into when compared to the rest of the lineup. Our team recommends this model for the griller that wants something nice but does not need all of the upgraded features the SP-E-335 comes with. This model comes with the premium 9mm stainless steel cooking grates and integrated handle light. Both very valuable features to enhance your cooking experience. We like this model for an occasional griller that wants a reliable grill.

Option #3

Genesis SX-335 Gas Grill
Weber Genesis SX 335 Gas Grill

Why We Like This Model: The Genesis SX-335 is a model from the Smart Grill lineup within the Genesis line. This model with comes with 7mm stainless steel cooking grates, Weber Crafted Frame Kit, extra side storage cabinet, side burner and the Weber Connect Technology built into the grill. Our team likes the available features of the grill coupled with the Weber Connect Tech. Our team recommends this grill for someone that needs help learning to grill better or is actively wanting to become a better griller. And we mean that in a good way. Weber has invested a lot of resources to making the Weber Connect App an enjoyable experience for users to learn and cook food with solid results. There are step-by-step recipe instructions including notifications when to flip over food. Rather than purchasing the thermometer separately, this allows you to save valuable shelf space for pans, cutting boards, etc…

It’s Time To Find The Best Genesis Model

We have covered a lot in this article. We laid the article out in a way we saw best fit to navigate through the different features of the models. All of the Genesis grills are available in LP (liquid propane) or natural gas.

We do not mention pricing in our videos or posts because that information tends to change too often. We want our information to be accurate.

If you have further questions and need additional help picking a Weber Genesis model, the Just Grillin Outdoor Living team is here to help. Feel free to send us a message here or come visit us in our Tampa showroom to see some of these models in person and get our experts help. Make sure you check us out and subscribe to our YouTube channel for our premium content.